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Burn Calories and Lose Weight by Drinking Tea


All of us have big dreams when it comes to reducing the weight of our bodies. In order to realize your dreams, from very beginning you start doing loads of hardwork and after few days you stop doing that. This could turn out to be a mistake. At the beginning of the weight loss exercise plan we should take a baby step.

It is recommended to do light workout at the beginning. You should enjoy the work you do because it will give you a motivation or boost which will help you to go far beyond your dream and you will find yourself in a new and good look than before only with the help of weight loss exercise plan.

The first step:

Before you start with this plan, you commit to weight loss exercise plan everyday. Do not forget your fitness goal and give priority to your regular workout. Treat it as your important assignment which you can not miss. Get addicted to your workout! If you do or if you have already started to do this then you are already on your way to make your dream come true.

The program:

Lose weight by drinking tea is an amazing feature of any weight loss program. Hot tea is everybody’s preferred choice in winters and also in day to day life. Tea is been taken in different form but it is the hot tea which helps reducing weight considerably. Having tea 2-3 times in a day would keep off the extra calories miles away from you.

If you want to lose weight by drinking tea, it is good to choose the green tea which has medicinal effect on weight loss as well as detoxification of your body. It has a unique quality of restricting the absorption of fats from the gastrointestinal tract.

Normally fats are being absorbed and released in the blood stream immediately after you have meals. Restriction on fat absorption is a big move towards weight loss.

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Green tea also prevents your body from bad cholesterol which has the tendency to disturb your heart. Being powerful antioxidants they help to fight with free radicals inside our body. Along with all the medicinal effect and weight loss property, it helps to maintain your mental stability. It makes you feel rejuvenated after having green tea.

Green tea has caffeine in it which increases the thermogenesis in your body. It also has been studied and proved that ginseng when added to green tea would energize your life. It has excellent quality of stimulating your hormones and fills your life with lot of energy and enthusiasm. Herbal tea has lots of vitamins in it and have qualities related to weight loss.

Chinese herbal tea was used for weight loss since ancient days. It has now being commercialized as herbal tea and shows extremely good results in metabolism rate. Metabolism rate need to be very high for better weight loss results. 

It is not only the green tea which helps to reduce weight but only drinking normal tea would also help you. You can lose weight by drinking tea only if it has no sugar in it. Sugar means calorie intake with the tea and it has adverse effects. Your calories get washed away with the intake of few cups of tea in a day. 

Tea helps a lot in keeping your stomach full as it only consists of water. Taking water in the form of tea will restrict the intake of calorie rich food. It therefore act as an appetite suppressant and help you to overcome food cravings. 

Research says that thermogenesis is the process which helps you to lose weight by drinking tea. It is the tendency of your body to get heated with the hot tea and will ignite the process of digestion and assimilation. Better digestion will result in good metabolism which will effectively help to lose weight. It now becomes easier for you to lose weight by drinking tea. 

Green tea is also characterized by glucose controller of your body. It helps to lower the blood sugar levels of your body and keep your calories off. Adding supplements with tea extracts serve good to increase the metabolism.

You can lose weight by drinking tea but when added with exercises and diet plans, it shows quicker results which we always aspire. It is important to maintain your regular routine of life in terms of diet and exercise along with 3-4 cups of green tea.

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