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Realistic Weight Loss Goals

It is very difficult to fix proper and adequate weight loss goals for every person. When you decide to loss weight the very next step is to fix a reasonable goal of your decision. It may be affected by number of factors.

The weight loss goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, tangible and realistic. It is advisable that please find the recommendations of various authorities. 

Generally the reason of every weight loss programs may be high body mass Index, high waist-hip ratio and high abdominal girth.

So please keep adequate techniques in hand before setting your goals and starting your programs. Some of them are ideal body weight calculator, Body Mass Index calculator, height-weight chart and method to assess ideal body weight.

Some weight control experts said that over and unrealistic expectation of dieters would work adversely to the program. The unrealistic expectation sometimes drops out our weight loss programs.

For example some dieter temporarily eats less food if their expectations are too high. It may be change as an over eating by the temptation. So small and realistic goals are more prefer. One should consider several factors while fixing weight loss goals.

They are the life style of the person that means physical activities and healthy eating, the history of weight, weight distributing nature, family history, and size of the waist, health condition that means the cholesterol and blood pressure level and status of other problems like joint problems, shortness of breath 

The ideal weight loss programs include several steps. Fixing weight loss goal for the program is the most important step of every weight loss programs.

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It may be a short term goal and a long term goals but clearly state it from the beginning. It is advisable that cut down your plan into small attainable segments and tries to achieve as it possible. It will lead you to reach your end result.

It can be recommended that try to follow this steps while fixing the weight loss goals. At first talk it with your doctor and then decide total amount of weight you would like to reduce.

After that prepare a detailed food and exercise journal and calculate the calorie that you have to cut down from your food. Set your small daily goals which leads to achieve the over all goal.

Then try to make proper time for exercise and develop a support system. It can also be said that the weight loss goals should be positive, precise, prioritized, planned and performance based.

Just put these goals in writing by way of make notation in your calendar or write then in a note book. It will reduce the chance to forget and ignore them.

So it can be concluded that the one of the best way to improve your weight loss program is to start with realistic weight loss goals. If you can achieve the goals you set, it will enhance your self esteem and boost your self image.

The goal setting will help you to understand yourself. It will keep you motivated and help you to make and meet more difficult goals.

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