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Relation Of Weight Loss With Knee Injury

Knee injury is common in people over 50 years of age. It may affect both side of the knee joint. It is common in people who play physical sports like hokey and football.

The main symptoms of knee injury are deep joint pain, joint inflammation, joint stiffness and abnormal sound during the movement. 

We can not say the exact cause for the knee injury or osteoarthritis. The number of factors caused for this situation. They are previous injury, heredity, excessive exercises or repeated strain, accumulation of some crystals such as uric acid crystals.

Of which the risk factor of obesity can reduce with the help of variety of programs that enhance weight loss with knee injury. There is no single treatment to cure the knee injury. It requires number of treatment to slow the progression of this disease.

Some of these treatments are use of knee supports, Non Steroidal Anti inflammatory drugs, methods of weight loss with knee injury, exercise program, muscle relaxants, heat and cool treatment, viscosupplementation and knee replacement.

Several studies revealed almost 50 percentages of adults in United States and 2/3 of obese person will suffer painful knee injury by age of 85. The high Body Mass index increases the lifetime risk of the person.

So the weight management which increases the weight loss with knee injury is more important for every person throughout their life. 

In the obese person the excess body fat will give more stress on the knees. So the first step to prevent the knee injury is to reduce the body fat. After that try to perform different of exercises that strengthen the muscles of knees.

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The most commonly using exercises which are suitable to weight loss with knee injury are chair squat, lying leg adduction and lying double leg curl.

Now weight loss with knee injury becomes a serious talk among the various departments because the obesity is the main reason of 27% of hip replacement and 69% of knee replacement in middle-aged women in United Kingdom.

A small increase in average Body Mass Index among middle-aged women causes substantial effects on the rates of knee joint replacements.

We can reduce the body weight through different ways. There have variety of diet plans and weight loss recipes to reduce the excess body fat. Weight loss pills and supplements, weight loss surgeries etc are other choice for reduce the obesity.

It can be recommended that please use one or more such methods to enhance the weight loss with knee injury. The weight loss plans should not be in such a way that it reduces complete metabolism of our body.

It should ensure adequate supply of energy towards the ligaments and muscles in knee. The fitness of knee joint depends upon these factors.

It can be concluded that the obesity and overweight increase the risk of knee injury. People with high body mass index have an increased risk of knee injury.

However some studies are going on to prove that there have no overall relationship between overweight and the causes of knee injury. But the obesity increases the risk factor in the knees with neutral or valgus alignment.

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