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How Useful Are Weight Loss Drugs?

Weight loss drugs are very common nowadays. There are many kinds of weight loss drugs. Each drug functions in its own way. 

Some of them are appetite suppressant, some of them work directly on your central system and some of them are anti depressors. Below I am giving you brief detail of each drug and its characteristics.

Let’s start with Glucomannan, This weight loss drug binds with certain nutrients and hinder in absorbing it. It is always advised to take this weight loss drug along with high quality multi vitamin supplement.

Glucomannan basically is fiber supplement. Fiber in your diet is not only a good way to lose weight; it can even lower cholesterol levels. Generally, fiber fills you quickly and keeps you fuller for a long time.

The next weight loss drug is Magnolia bark. Magnolia bark is basically helps you in de stressing. It controls the cortisol level in your body.

Cortisol is main stress hormone in our body. If the cortisol level is excess in our body which results due to stress helps our body to gain weight.

Magnolia bark controls the cortisol level of our body, de stressing us which in turn help lose weight. Though magnolia bark is an anti anxiety agent there is no valid scientific data to prove that it helps in reducing the cortisol level.

Guarana and yerba mate contains high level of caffeine. Caffeine combined with green tea is very helpful for weight loss. Yerba mate has diuretic properties, hence makes you feel full when it is combined with guarana as it delays the gastric emptiness.

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Next weight loss drug is citrus aurantium or bitter orange. Citrus aurantium are adequate fat burners as its active ingredients which are synephrine and phenylephrine are alpha agonists.

But scientific validation data for the effectiveness of this weight loss drug is very fewer. After a thorough research, Scientists have now extracted active few fat-burning isomers from a rare herb called Carthamus tinctorius.

These isomers are concentrates and converted into a capsule. Many people have actually lost weight using this drug as it is a natural extraction from Safflower. This is the best way to lose weight naturally

The said isomers are mixed together in equal ratio and are concentrated is somehow is connected to another isomer called CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid. But these isomers have more ability to burn fat than CLA 

Green tea is a natural fat burner and a string anti oxidant. It helps in reducing the cholesterol and triglycerides level and increase weight loss.

Green extract also contain caffeine and everyone knows that caffeine leads to restlessness. Research on green tea is still in process and it is still not known whether it is beneficial weight loss drug.

It is always advised to go for standardized polyphenol content. However, people taking blood thinning medications should seek advice from their doctor before taking green tea extracts as green tea extracts may obstruct with blood clotting.

It is also advised people with heart problems should stay away from any kind of weight loss drug as it can be fatal.

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