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5 Essential Tips For Weight Loss After Delivering A Baby

Delivering a baby and becoming a mom is one of the beautiful and proud moments in the life of a woman. However, women gain lots of weight during their pregnancy. 

You tend to lose about 14 pounds immediately after the delivery but you need to work on those extra 12-21 pounds to get back to the pre-pregnancy figure. Weight loss after delivery is quite an achievable goal. 

Many women develop a mindset that they will not lose weight after pregnancy due to less physical activity, eating more or due other reasons.

It is certainly not true and weight loss is possible after delivering a baby. As a matter of fact, it takes about 8-12 months to get back to your original shape depending on the type of body you have. 

Make a plan and stick to it. It takes time to get back to the original shape, so you need to be regular in exercises and have lot of patience.

Remember feeding mothers should never starve or go for any crash dieting. It will only harm your body as well as your baby which you would never want. 

5 essential tips for weight loss after your delivery that could help in getting back your pre-pregnancy figure are as follows:-

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1) Walking: - Don’t think of losing weight in the first few weeks because your body needs some time to recover. 

After 3 months of delivery you can initiate the process of weight loss by going for walks. Walking will help to reduce weight and keep you active. It is a good idea to catch up with a friend or a new mom while you go for walks. 

2) Breastfeeding: - It is a natural process of losing weight because there are lots of hormones secreted during this time which helps the uterus to get back to its original shape. 

Breastfeeding your baby for atleast 12 months after delivery is healthy for you and your baby. While feeding, your calories should not drop below the value of 1800. However, do not completely rely on breastfeeding for weight loss.

3) Exercising: - Your body is still weak and recovering after delivery, so start up with light and moderate exercises. However it is essential to consult a doctor before starting any of the exercises. Get involved in physical exercises that you enjoy and do not exert yourself. 

Put on the music and show your cranky baby some nice steps. Babies love music and immediately stop crying and as a result of dancing you shed some of your extra calories. Remember slow and gradual weight loss is the best way to get back to your original shape. 

4) Drink lots of water: - While nursing your baby, you will tend to feel thirsty always. Drink loads of water to keep your body hydrated. This will keep your metabolic rate high and as a result you will lose weight.

5) Eat healthy food: - If you are breastfeeding then you do not have much choice on dieting. Do not cut down too much on your calories or else you will hit the starvation mode.

Eat healthy food like fresh fruits, green vegetables and a balanced diet with the right amount of carbohydrate, proteins, fat and all other major nutrients required for the body. 

Carrying your baby on a sling or carrier while going out will definitely result in weight loss and keep your baby happy too.

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