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Role Of Weight Loss Supplements In Effective Weight Management

Obesity has emerged as an epidemic in recent times. All over the world nearly 300 million people are obese. Obesity contributes to 7% of total health cost.

Drastic changes in life style like consumption of high calorie, complex carbohydrate foods and not having adequate physical activity has accelerated such high rates of obesity. Use of weight loss supplements has emerged as one of the popular method of combating obesity.

Mechanism of action of Weight Loss Supplements: Weight loss supplements either aid in decreasing overall appetite or accelerating the metabolic rate leading to high calorie burnout.

Some serve as fat binders, forming a fluid gel around the fat thereby preventing its absorption. Certain natural mineral which provide the body with essential nourishment and decrease appetite are also found to be effective.

Weight loss supplements or Diet pills made of natural ingredients are generally preferred over synthetic or chemical components. Most important constituents of Diet pills can be summarized as below.

1. Caffeine: This is the active constituent of Guarana seeds. Caffeine brings about weight loss by decreasing the appetite. It also promotes Lypolysis.Long term usage of caffeine should be done only with proper medical guidance.

2. Hoodia: Extracted from the succulent leaves of the plant Hoodia gordani, this has an interesting history of being used to suppress hunger thereby serving as an effective Weight loss supplements.

3. Chitosan: This is extracted from shells of shrimps, crabs and lobsters. It acts as a fat binder, specifically binding to fats in the intestines thereby preventing its absorption. It basically concerts the fat into a large complex, thereby preventing its absorption.

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4. Cortisol Inhibitors: Extract of roots of Rhodiola rosea have been used as natural weight loss supplements.

This inhibits the production of hormone Cortisol which causes accumulation of excess energy in form of fats. Excessive stress leads to the increase in cortisol which in turn causes weight gain.

5. Ephedra: Ephedra is a plant native to Asia. It is rich in alkaloids especially Ephedrine. This alkaloid causes increased metabolic rate and also affects the central nervous system. Increased metabolic rate causes increase in number of calories consumed thereby causing decrease in weight.

6. Bitter Orange: Two important components of this herb synephrine and octopamine are used as weight loss supplements. These boast the metabolism and also increase the fat burning capacity. Exercise endurance is also enhanced by using this supplement.

7. Hydrocitric Acid: This is extracted from Malabar tamarind - Garcinia cambogia. Hydro citric acid interferes with fat metabolism. Also it acts as an effective appetite stimulant.

8. Apple Cidar Vinegar: It is recommended to consume Two to three table spoons of Apple Cedar Vinegar before each meal. This can increase the metabolic rate and act as an efficient fat burner.

9. Complex Weight Loss Supplements: These are combinations of natural minerals like Chromium with vitamins which promote the overall health and well being. 

Maximum benefits of weight loss supplements can be derived only when it is combined with adequate physical activity.

Though the benefits of these diet pills are numerous, long term use should always be under proper medical guidance. People with medical history of Diabetes or Blood pressure should adhere to judicious use of the supplements.

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