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Weight Loss Supplements - Proteins The Best Option

Any person looking to shape up and wants to have lean figure, the best and the basic supplement from my point is protein. Protein is the best weight loss supplement on any given time.

You don’t have burn your fat, go to gym or get on to your cycle for a few kilometers. Tuna, milk, turkey, eggs, lean red meat, chicken and many more are the sources of protein. We usually have this in our daily diet.

When, we train with weights, the demand for protein in our body increases. Protein is the basic weight loss supplement that contains the building blocks for muscles. 

If you have just started to shed your weight then my recommendation for to start with will certainly be proteins as the best weight loss supplement. But the question that arises is how much protein do a person actually needs per day?

There are twenty amino acids available in Protein. Eleven out of these are nonessential amino acids and nine are essential amino acids. 

These nine essential amino acids are the main weight loss supplements and have to be provided to the body through our daily diet or say dietary protein supply.

Dietary proteins are of two kinds, the first is complete proteins and the other is incomplete proteins. Animal protein is a complete protein as it contains all nine essential amino acids.

Plant protein is incomplete protein as don’t have all the nine essential amino acids. Proteins are better macronutrient because it curbs your desire for food and help you in losing weight.

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Carbohydrates and fats are primarily energy sources where as proteins provide structural features of body tissue. Protein as a weight loss supplement also helps you to have a sound sleep and helps in digestion as well as in ovulation.

There are other weight loss supplements of proteins such as readymade protein supplements. It is advantageous to take these powder proteins along with the whole food to maintain your protein intake.

If you are a vegetarian and completely depends on plant protein it is advised to take a combination of plant proteins to get the nine essential proteins. 

Animal protein might be a complete protein but it is not a complete healthy food as it contains high level of saturated fats. 

The plant proteins on the other hand have higher fiber contents and are free from saturated fats. Plant proteins also act as antioxidants. 

Though proteins are good weight loss supplement, they can be harmful if taken in excess. It is always advised to take required level of proteins. And the most important part for weight loss is exercise.

You have to burn your calories by working hard with the weights and walk as much as you can. Walking is one exercise which can be done by anybody, anytime. 

Please note that eating only proteins will deny your body the other essential nutrients provided by grains, vegetables and other foods. On the other hand excess proteins causes dehydration as our body takes lot of water to get rid of excess protein.

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