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Self Assessment Program For Weight Loss After 40

It is very common to add extra pounds to the original weight after the age of 40. It happens because lot of changes takes place in lifestyle and metabolism. Weight loss after 40 is very difficult to attain.

Reason for gaining weight after 40:

In general, changes in metabolism and lifestyle leads to the increase in body weight in both men and women.

However, women are seen to face this issue more when compared with men because of the additional issues which they face related to a menopause. Therefore, weight loss after 40 becomes the primary criteria for women more than men.

Putting on weight at this stage of life not only disfigures the body shape, but it also attracts fatal diseases like cancer and diabetes. It tends to ruin the health from both outside and within.

How to Maintain Weight after 40:

There is no age limit to start some simple exercise programs. Gradually you can start by walking slowly for few minutes everyday, and by improving the food habits by adding more green vegetables. Making small little changes like this can actually help you with weight loss after 40.

Exercise and diet gives best results in weight loss after 40. Not only does it help you to lose weight, it also makes you emotionally and physically fit.

a) Diet:

When it comes to diet and weight loss after 40, soy and soy protein play a main role in making it happen. It controls cholesterol and give strength to lean muscles. Muscle loss leads to lack of metabolism, in order to regain the muscle women need to intake soy protein 20 to 25grms in a day.

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Calcium and vitamin D is also another key compound which prevents osteoporosis. In everyday diet woman should include 1200mg of calcium and 700mg of vitamin D, which is also the supplement to protect bones. 

b) Exercise:

When it comes to exercising, strength training is one of the good sources for weight loss after 40. It is very useful to woman when compared with man.

Researches suggest that weight training gives good sleep to old people. While performing exercises, people should wear comfortable cloths. It is very important to wear the walking shoes when you go out for your walking exercise.


Schedule the program for one week. Keep a separate notebook to track your diet and activities. You will need to start this practice from day one and write down all the activities which you do during the entire day.

It means from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep in the night. Don’t fail to include even a general activities like how many times you felt hungry, even write down the emotions like when you felt happy or stressful, how many glassful of water you drank that day etc.

When you reach day-7, you will need to research on the activities which you have taken down on your notebook. Try to analyze, how many times you actually ate when you were not hungry. Also check how many times you ate when you were influenced emotionally. 

Write down the observations along with your actions. Try to analyze the food which you ate when you were physically active and the food which you ate when you were physically inactive. The study will surely help you with weight loss after 40.

After you conduct this research, you will need to make a goal. You will need to then shorten the list by reducing the portions you eat. This will become your game plan for the next week.

However, the weight-loss does not only happen due to changes in metabolism and lifestyle alone. It could also happen due to medical disorders like thyroid problems.

Such disorders can be cured with proper prescription medicines. You will visit your doctor for regular checkups. Thus we conclude this program on weight loss after 40.

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