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Cellulose Cutters - The Perfect Weight Loss Exercises

Today people have no time in their busy schedules to take care of their diet and their body and this is one of the chief causes for the increasing numbers of overweight people. The perfect way to keep our body fat free and consequently healthy is by performing the weight loss exercises as a part of our routine.

There are four major types of weight loss exercises and only a blend of all these types of workouts will give the perfect weight loss results.

Cardio aerobics: 

One the major causes of increase in weight is the decrease in metabolic rate and blood circulation. The best way to improve metabolic rates and blood circulation is opting for cardio-aerobic weight loss exercises. 

Such exercises not only help in losing weight but they also boost the emotional and mental well being. They include dancing, jogging, swimming, treadmill walk and aerobics. Aerobics give best results in combination with carefully selected music.

Flexibility and stretching exercises: 

They may be usually referred to just warm up exercises but they actually can do miracles for people who want to shed their weight. 
They will make you more amble and will simultaneously also make you ready for more vigorous workouts.

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They should be always gradual and gentle in nature. They include weight loss exercises such as posterior stretch, anterior stretch, calf and inner thigh stretches. Exercises making the use of balls such as chop etc. are also included in this category.

Balance improvement exercises: 

Some ball exercises like knee tuck pushups and simple techniques like balancing a book on the head and walking improves equilibrium and in the process it helps in burning loads of calories. Exercises such as side leg raise and hip flexion may not seem to be like weight loss exercises but are indeed very beneficial.

Strength training: 

This the last and the most advanced of weight loss exercises. It might be considered a bit difficult but a little guidance will make it really easy. 

The main purpose is to stretch the muscles and to tone the body. It helps drastically to get rid of appearance of cellulite under the skin and makes one feel healthy and youthful. 

They include the following: Bench press (chest), lat pull downs (back), lateral raise (shoulders), hammer curls (biceps), dips (triceps), squats and lunges (lower body), crunches and pelvic tilts (abdomens)

All the above four types of weight loss exercises are easy to do without much guidance and can be easily fit into one’s busy schedule. 

The time distribution though should be done very carefully. The aerobics should be given at least 15 to 20 minutes whereas the stretches can be finished quickly between 5 to 10 minutes. 

On the other hand the balancing exercises and the strength training need endurance and the time of these workouts will vary according to the person’s ability. For strength training it is advisable to receive (though possibly little) guidance as unguided exercise may lead to the damage of muscles.
The weight loss exercises should ideally include all the 4 aspects in order to derive the best results.

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