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Is Rapid Weight Loss - Advantage Or Disadvantage In Day To Day Regime?

Regrettably the era in which we are living today, pays more attention toward the outlook of a person. Surprisingly many people do really care to look good. Some people do manage to look good and quite easily whereas some find it really hard. Therefore, rapid weight loss is what everyone is looking for these days.


The effectiveness of such fast programs has always been debated about. According to the recent reports the rapid weight loss has been categorized as intentional and unintentional. 

Intentional is rapid, dramatic and short term. It basically indicates the loss of body mass in order to maintain body fitness and health and to shape body in good appearance. This helps to reduce the risk of health diseases and improves the lifestyle with positive energy balance. 

Unintentional is not caused by a change in diet or activity or may accompany by illness or malnutrition. It causes decrease in body weight, which is involuntary and it is seen in many serious diseases and medical conditions such as cancers, AIDS, hyperthyroidism and many more. This type of weight loss is related with medical conditions rather than normal conditions. 

Health advantages:

Following healthy regime gives healthy advantage on the individuals. The most important advantage of rapid weight loss is that you’ll be able to get your desired body structure within shorter time duration.

Overweight and obesity are the most prevalent and major problems in today’s world, which leads to lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and many more. Such phenomena can be reduced by losing weight quickly by exercising, and maintaining a healthy diet. Lean body obviously encourages a person to stay fit, healthy and energetic

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Motivational advantages:

Boosting self-esteem, building high self confidence level, positive attitude are the consequences that are gained from rapid weight loss. 

Nothing motivates the individuals to stick with the weight loss plan better than seeing the quick results. It also makes them feel better and encourages them to work harder towards their goals. 

These quick results motivate the individuals to stick with diet plans and exercising routine, which further accelerates to their weight loss.

Appearance advantages:

The people from all age groups, be it in the middle age or in the teens, love to be slim and show it off to others. The rapid weight loss programs serve perfectly well to such people. A lot of men and women around the world have been able to achieve their goals in this competition of looking good by hitting to diet plans, slimming clinics, gymnasium and fitness centers.

As there are pros and cons of every aspect of life, and like two sides of coin, it also has advantages and disadvantages. If the weight loss program are not performed in a healthy way, they can cause loss of nutritional values to the own body. 

Methods like fasting for weight loss starve the body. They could also burn muscle tissue and retain the fat cells instead. Furthermore, it is not a long term diet solution. 

Whereas on the contrary, if it is done in a healthy way, it reduces health risks like heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, some kinds of cancer, improves sleep- apnea, reduces osteoarthritis, the pain of being overweight, get rid of gout, eliminate gall bladder grief and last but not the least enhances you with your desirable look. 

So all together in one sentence it can be said that rapid weight loss can be a wonderful journey when you allow it to be in a healthy way.

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