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The Effective Weight Loss Exercises

In Today’s World Obesity is of major concern. In order to stay healthy, slim and fit, we need to devote sometime from our hectic schedules for the weight loss exercises. This requires strong motivation, dedication, extra spirit and continuous hard work. Point to be remembered is, there is no instant formula to succeed and we need to be realistic! Be gradual and make it a fun filled activity.

The following are the weight loss exercises that can be of great help in loosing weight. Each of these exercises target different parts of the body and have their own advantages and disadvantages. So choose an exercise which you are comfortable in doing and feel is right for you. This will help you in attainting the weight loss goals.

Aerobic exercises are the most preferred weight loss exercises. This helps in burning the excess fat and strengthening of muscles. The exercises that come under this category are walking, swimming, climbing the stairs etc.

Walking is the simplest, easiest and enjoyable form of weight loss exercise. This is best suited for any age group. Taking a brisk walk everyday helps to tone down your body. So instead of taking out your vehicle, get into the habit of taking a walk to nearby places which will definitely contribute to weight loss.

Gradually once the fitness level improves, you can try light jogging or running.

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Swimming aims at overall body workout. It is also a very good cardiovascular exercise. It improves your stamina and is considered to be a low impact form or exercise.

Another form of exercise is anaerobic exercises which include sprinting, weightlifting, football and tennis. This is the most intense form of exercise which can be included in anyone’s workout regime. This form of exercise helps to develop muscles which results in burning the excess fat stored in body. This should be attempted only after the increase in the fitness level of the body. Tennis is fun filled activity because of its social interaction. It provides an overall workout for the body and uses enormous amount of energy.

Yoga is another form of exercise which is admired and appreciated over thousands of years. This can be considered as a perfect way for weight reduction. There is a direct influence of Yoga on the metabolism

Of the body because of its effect on the hormonal secretions in the body. The postures in Yoga along with breathing techniques make it an effective way to maintain a healthy body.

Last but not the least, all these weight loss exercises mentioned above is of not much help unless it is combined with a healthy, balanced diet. A dietary change along with the exercises is wonderful for any weight loss program.

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