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All You Wanted To Know About Diabetic Diets For Weight Loss

What Makes Diabetic Diets Different From Other Diets?

Diabetic diets are usually followed by patients of diabetes. Diabetic patients are often over weighted. Hence, diabetic diets for weight loss are quite essential. The principle element which separates this diet from any other diet is that diabetic diets should have very low consumption of carbohydrates. Foods with too much sugary or starch should be kept out. More importantly, glycemic load carbohydrates should be avoided completely.

The body produces insulin to use the glucose present in the blood. In case of diabetes, the use of glucose is not proper. Diabetes can occur in two forms- type 1 form and type 2 forms. In the first type, the body stops producing any insulin. In the second type, the body produces very low insulin and since the cells are resistant to insulin, the little amount produced is insufficient.

Hence, a proper diet chart needs to be formulated for each patient according to his or her need. It should be kept in mind that different insulin materials have different reactions. They show their effects at varying times and for varying time periods. For type 1 diabetics, proper insulin intake is required. Ideally, for each kg of the body weight, an intake of 35 calorie per day is desirable. The type 2 patients need to focus more on weight loss by using diabetic diets for weight loss.

Food Selection For Diabetic Diets For Weight Loss

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The diet charts for diabetic patients is such that they not only lower consumption of carbohydrates but also minimize the cravings for sugar and high levels of glycemic load carbohydrates. Food like confectionery items, potato, rice and pastas should be avoided. One doesn’t need to completely restrict oneself to diabetic foods. But the items with high levels of carbohydrates need to be replaced by those with low levels. Also, food with low quantities of glycemic load carbohydrates should be consumed.

Examples of food with low levels of glycemic load carbohydrates is lentils, whole grains, beans, oats, barley, berries, melons, grapefruit and citrus fruits. Green leafy vegetables like cabbage should be consumed. Other helpful vegetables are cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot and carrots. Proteins, fats and milk and dairy products should also be included in the diet. Intake of more fibre, non starchy vegetables and low fat foods helps in faster reduction of weights. Also, sugar substitutes are to be used for cooking.

The purpose of diabetic diets for weight loss is to ensure not only adequate weight loss but also see that all the nutrients are being supplied to the body. A carefully created diet chart will prevent sudden fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. Also, it reduces hypercholesterolemia and will help the patient maintain a good health.

Even though the benefits obtained from diabetic diets for weight loss are recognized, it is always wise to consult a dietician. The dietician is able to provide an individualistic chart most suitable according to one’s needs.

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